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Men’s Ties

Five Guidelines to Selecting the Right Tie
Introduce variety into your wardrobe through the simple accessory a colorful or patterned necktie. Choose from our silk Signature Collection or Platinum Limited Edition ties, or, select from our Joseph Collection for a more modern look. When purchasing your men’s neckties, consider these tips.
Incorporate texture
Experiment with different textured ties to add diversity to your collection. Woven ties, such as basket weave neckties can add an element of understated distinction to your business apparel. Or, try a solid color ribbed tie for a subtle twist on a classic look.
Consider the collar
Experiment tying your necktie so that the knot correlates with the width of your collar, the thickness of the tie and the occasion. For a dress shirt with a standard or narrow spread collar, consider one of our slim ties from the Joseph Collection tied with a standard, four-in-hand or half-windsor knot. For dress shirts with a spread collar, use a wider tie from our Executive Collection tied in a windsor knot to create a bold, professional look.
Materials that last
Fine silk ties are an instant way to give you a distinctive and sophisticated appearance. Silk ties from our Platinum Collection are hand crafted in Italy from a single piece of silk that won't fray, tear or fade.
Mix and match
Get creative and express your personal style by pairing striped shirts with patterned ties, or a polka dot tie with a plaid sports coat. Novelty ties with fun embroidered patterns can be great conversations starters and a unique way to express your personality while maintaining dress code.
Experiment with color
Experiment with mixing unexpected color combination to make a statement. Match a pink dress shirt with a light blue tie, or a yellow dress shirt with an orange tie to instantly diversify your wardrobe and update a classic gray or black suit. Brightly colored neckties can be worn year-round, making them a reliable choice for a confident, modern look.
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