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Big and Tall at Jos. A. Bank

In recent years, the big and/or tall gentleman witnessed brands expand their selections to fit their needs. Although they have more options and diversity in selection, larger gentlemen should research prior to shopping. Companies seeking to address this demand have different specifications for "Big and Tall". The following is a guide to shopping big and tall at Jos. A. Bank.

Suits, Sportcoats and Tuxedos

Our big and tall collections for suits, sportcoats and tuxedos include chest measurements of 44-60 and feature options for gentlemen who are longer (tall) or who are stouter with a larger abdomen (Regal Fit - our most generous cut). When ordering a Big and Tall suit your pant size will be predetermined. Suits and tuxedos size 44-48 will come with pants 5" shorter than the jacket size; subtract 4" for jacket sizes 50-52 and 3" for sizes 54-56. We recommend a waist alteration limit of 1 ½". Greater changes may compromise the appearance of the trousers. If your waist size is out of this range, please review our suit separate selections to find the best fit.

Dress Shirts

A big concern for taller gentlemen is finding long style dress shirts that don’t leave excess material around the abdomen. We offer "tall" sizes beginning at 16 ½ (neck) – 37 (sleeve) through 20 – 36. For men of a greater carriage, we offer "big" selections from 18 – 33 to 20 – 35


Our Big and Tall collection of dress pants cover shorter and stouter gentlemen to the tall and thinner fellows. Our most generous cut selections, Regal Fit, range from a waist size of 40 to 50 and feature short, regular and long rises (the measurement from waist to crotch). However, our overall selection extends to a waist size of 56 with an inseam of 32 inches. When shopping for casual pants note that our selection includes 36 (waist) x 36 (inseam) to 56 x 32.

Sportshirts and Sweaters

Our extended selections are not limited to business attire. We offer some of the finest casual wear for our big and tall customers. Sportshirts and sweaters are available from 2XL to 4XL. These shirts are featured in "tall" and "big" styles in order to provide the best fit possible. Here is a chart to help you sort through the specific measurements for our big and tall sportswear.

NECK 18½ 19 19½ 20 20½
CHEST 54-56 58-60 62-64 66-68 70-72
WAIST 48-50 52-54 56-58 60-62 64-66
SLEEVE 36½ 37 37½ 38 38½
NECK 16¾ - 17¼ 17¼ - 17¾ 17¾ - 18¼ 18¼ - 18¾ 18¾ - 19¼ 19¼ - 19¾
CHEST 45-47 49-51 53-55 57-59 61-63 65-67
WAIST 39-41 43-45 47-49 51-53 55-57 59-61
SLEEVE 36½ - 37 37 - 37½ 37½ - 38 38 - 38½ 38½ - 39 39 - 39½

Ties and Shoes

To complete your outfit we offer extra long ties made for tall gentlemen. Our selection of shoes ranges to a size 16 with various widths.

We hope this guide gives our big and tall customers a better idea of what we have to offer. We will continue to expand our Big and Tall collection in an effort to meet the needs of every man wishing to dress his best.

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