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Men's Suits for Summer

Summer has arrived and it has brought longer warmer days and a considerable amount of pollen. As we transition into the warmer months you will notice that men's suits are also changing. Traditional suits are giving way to lighter poplin styles and the season of seersucker begins. Put your winter menswear into storage and enjoy these tips on what suits work best for men in the spring and summer seasons.

Poplin - A Spring Suit of Choice for Businessmen

Wool is a fantastic fabric for fall and winter, but when the temperatures rise you will want to find a lighter fabric. Poplin is a plain weave fabric that was originally constructed from silk. Poplin suits are commonly made from cotton or a cotton/polyester blend to help prevent wrinkles. 100% cotton is the choice for gentlemen with a more relaxed style; while others opt for a suit that stays crisp throughout the day like cotton/poly blend poplin. A cotton/poly blend poplin suit is highly recommended for business travelers or those who wish to avoid wrinkles. 100% cotton is the choice for gentlemen with a more traditional style.

When to Wear a Poplin Suit

Poplin suits are a staple of men's business attire in warmer climates. The lighter fabric is perfect on hot summer days. While great for day-to-day business, we recommend a traditional navy or grey suit for interviews or presentations.

Poplin suits have recently become popular for spring and summer weddings, especially for outdoor ceremonies.

Suit Colors

Tan and olive are the two most common colors for poplin suits. Navy is also a popular option for work or business events. For weddings, groomsmen commonly wear poplin in tan or white.

Seersucker - Bring a Casual Flair to Men's Suits

You cannot mention spring or summer menswear without immediately thinking of a light and thin seersucker suit. Normally reserved for the southern gentleman, this style has become popular across the nation.

When to Wear a Seersucker Suit

Unlike poplin suits, seersucker doesn't fit into the everyday business world. However, you can find opportunities to wear seersucker outside the office when you need to beat the heat. Seersucker suits are popular at weddings, church and sporting events between Easter and Labor Day.

Men's Suit Colors

You can find seersucker in many different colors with blue and white being the most popular. If you enjoy darker tones, navy is another option.

Additional Summer Suit Options

Poplin and seersucker aren't the only two options for spring and summer suits. Choose lighter fabrics to keep cool in a suit this summer. A 100% wool suit might be too warm to be worn in the summer; a wool/cotton blend can be a great option for those seeking relief from the heat. Our Tropical Blend suits adapt to your thermal needs. They release heat when you need to cool down and store heat when the AC is too high in the office.

If you live in a region with relatively mild summers, or if you just prefer 100% wool suits, check out our Signature Tropical Weave suits. These wool suits are designed to be cool and breathable.

Keeping cool and comfortable is paramount when shopping for a suit, but you'll also need to find the proper fit. Gentlemen searching for a trim fit suit with a sleeker silhouette can find tailored fit styles in seersucker and Tropical Blend. Big and/or Tall men can also find a full assortment of lightweight suits online

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