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Tailored Clothing: Find a Tailor and Get the Perfect Fit

Your clothing should make you look your best, help you feel confident and portray you as the successful, driven businessman you are. Nothing accomplishes this better than perfectly tailored clothing that fits your body. Clothing that has been tailored specifically for your body will accentuate your best features while subtly hiding your flaws. Read on to learn how to find a tailor and get clothing that fits you like a glove with men's tailoring.

How to find a tailor

When searching for a tailor, there are a number of things you should look for and questions you should ask to help you make the right choice.

• Referrals - Ask your friends or co-workers if they have a tailor they would recommend.

• Samples - Look through samples or pictures of the tailor's work to ensure he can tailor your clothes the way you prefer. Pay attention to details like stitching and fabric.

• Communication - Communicate your expectations and questions to the tailor, and be sure he is communicating back. Your tailor should give you personalized service and take the time to answer your questions to ensure you are both on the same page.

How to get tailored clothing that works with your body

No matter your body type, you can have your clothing tailored to emphasize your best features while minimizing your imperfections. Your tailor will use different men's tailoring techniques on each piece of clothing to fit your body type. Or, learn how our Tailored Fit line can keep you from having your clothing altered.

• Tailored Dress Shirts - The same neck and arm measurements on standard fit shirts are used on a tailored dress shirt, but the waist is narrower to flatter a slimmer waist. Our Tailored Fit Dress shirts feature the narrow-cut waist so your shirt won't billow out from your body.

• Tailored Dress Pants - Less fabric is used on tailored dress pants, which results in a slimmer, more classic look and a neater appearance. Tailored Fit Dress pants also are made with a shorter rise.

• Tailored Suits - The jacket on a tailored suit typically has a narrow lapel and higher two-button styling. Tailored suit pants are narrower through the leg than standard fit dress pants. Try a Traveler Tailored Fit suit to avoid alterations if you are looking for this style.

• Tailored Sportcoats - Like tailored suit jackets, Traveler Tailored Fit sportcoats have a narrow lapel and are made with a higher two-button styling than traditional coats and jackets.

Men's tailoring tips and tricks

Learn a few tips you should know about men's tailoring before you take your clothing into the tailor shop:

• Cuffs - Pant cuffs can be sewn into pants. A cuff is required to hold a pleat together on a pant, so if you have pleated pants, keep the cuffs in place.

• Look Taller - If you are shorter in stature and want to look taller, avoid pants with cuffs. Cuffs break up the line from your pants to your shoes, so not having a cuff will help you appear taller.

• Shirt Sleeves - Your shirt sleeves should be a half-inch longer than the sleeves on your suit jacket. If there is a detailed design on the shirt cuffs and you need to have the length shortened, your tailor can shorten your sleeves from the shoulder.

Find tailored clothing at JoS. A. Bank

At JoS. A. Bank, we'll work with you to ensure you find clothing that fits you perfectly. Our Tailored Fit clothing line is designed to give you a tailored look with minimal alterations. Should you need alterations, our in-store tailoring program provides you with a professional tailor who can alter any piece of our clothing. Shop online, or visit a location near you to meet with a knowledgeable sales associate and find a tailor.

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