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Change From Work Attire to Holiday Party Attire with Ease

The holiday season is filled with celebrations and parties with friends, family and co-workers. If you’re heading straight from work to the festivities, you need to be able to change from work attire to party attire without much fuss. Read on to learn how you can quickly transform your outfit so you look appropriate and feel comfortable.

Business dress to business casual

If you work in a professional office and are on your way to a more relaxed party, you probably don’t want to show up in your suit and tie. Thankfully, you can take your work attire down a notch without having to completely change outfits. If you prefer to go very casual, just remove your suit coat and tie and go in your dress pants and shirt. Or, if you still want to dress to impress, switch out your suit coat for a sportcoat and remove your tie. Make sure your sportcoat isn’t the same color as your suit, but still coordinates with your dress pants.

Business casual to business dress

You probably have at least one holiday party where you need to dress to the nines. If your party falls on a workday and you usually wear khakis or corduroy pants to the office, you’ll need an easy transition from business casual to more professional. Be sure to wear a wrinkle-free dress shirt to work that day so you still looked pressed at 5 o’clock. You can switch out your pants for dress pants and change shoes for a more polished look. If you still feel underdressed, throw on a tie to complete the ensemble.

Add holiday flair to your party attire

If you are feeling especially festive and want to express your cheer in your party attire, you can add some flair without looking like a holiday cliché. Focus on colors when picking out your shirts and ties; crimson reds, forest greens and deep gold are complementary colors that will mesh well with the winter season. Try a patterned tie with a tartan print, or a festive Miracle Tie by the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center patients. There are even more subtle details you can wear, like holiday-themed tie clips and cufflinks. Just avoid Santa hats and reindeer sweaters.

Find your holiday party attire

Prepare for your celebrations this season with the perfect holiday party attire from JoS. A. Bank. You’ll find quality pieces that easily will get you from work to festivities with minimal effort. Browse our selection of business dress and business casual clothing for the outfit that works for you and your schedule.

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