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Men’s Dress Shoes & Accessories: Expert Advice on the Finishing Touches

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wondered why your tux isn’t as sharp as you’d hoped or why you look a little too mundane for dinner with your boss, look closer. Getting dressed and looking your best takes more than matching shirts and pants. You have to include the details that complete the look. You can make any outfit unique with simple men’s dress accessories and the right pair of men’s dress or casual shoes. Learn how to pick the right accessories and shoes for any occasion with the tips below.

Men’s dress shoes

If you are attending a formal event and planning on wearing either a tuxedo or suit, some basic tips apply to both styles of dress when picking out your shoes. For starters, men’s dress shoes should always match your belt. It’s also best if your shoes match or are darker than the color of your pants. When wearing a tuxedo, it is more appropriate to wear lace-up formal shoes, while a suit can be worn with men’s slip-on dress shoes.

Men’s casual shoes

For a more relaxed event where you will be wearing khakis or even jeans, men’s casual shoes offer a variety of styles that will pull your outfit together. Men’s casual shoes that feature heavy stitching or a woven pattern will add flare to an otherwise informal outfit. However, you should avoid a tassel or buckle embellishment as these details are better suited for more business attire.

Men’s dress accessories

You can enhance almost any outfit with a variety of men’s dress accessories available at JoS. A. Bank. You’ll find everything from traditional ties and cufflinks to modern caps and scarves.

• Ties, bow ties and tie clips: Ties are a great opportunity to bring some personality to your outfit. If you are attending a less conservative event, experiment with different colors and patterns. Bow ties and tie clips easily dress up an outfit for a more formal affair. For a more classic look try a bow tie and cummerbund set.

• Belts and suspenders: Depending on the type of attire you will be wearing, you will need either a men’s belt or suspenders for style and comfort. A belt is a fine option for a suit, but if you will be sporting a tuxedo for the evening, traditional braces should be worn. Remember that your belt should always match your shoes and braces should be black, white or muted due to the formality of the event.

• Vests: For a black- or white-tie affair, a vest is a flattering way to dress up your outfit. You can’t go wrong with a black or white vest, but if you want to stand out a little more, match your vest to your tie or pocket square.

• Watches and cufflinks: A true sign of classic masculinity is a stately watch and cufflinks. While a watch can be worn to almost any special event, cufflinks are worn specifically with men’s dress shirts that have French cuffs.

• Handkerchiefs and pocket squares: Handkerchiefs and pocket squares are customarily white or black, but for a modern twist you can match your accessory to your tie.

• Socks, caps and scarves: You will want to match your socks to your pants, but feel free to try a patterned sock for extra detail. And for brisk days and nights — and, of course, added style — English caps and scarves are a great outerwear additions to any outfit no matter the affair.

JoS. A. Bank has a wide selection of men’s dress shoes, casual shoes and accessories. Visit a store or browse our collections online to find the perfect pieces for any occasion.

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