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Men’s Coats: Expert Advice for Choosing the Right Outerwear

The cold winter season requires many layers of clothing in order to stay warm and comfortable. But, choosing stylish winter clothing doesn’t stop at your sweater. You still need to pick the appropriate outerwear. The right men’s coat can complete your look and keep you comfortable in the brisk weather. Learn about your different options and how to coordinate your outfit and outerwear.


The topcoat is a classic men’s coat that helps you look professional and pulled together. Topcoats can be worn to the office, religious services, and formal parties or other events where you will be wearing a suit. Topcoats are available in two lengths: full length, which falls below the knee, and three-quarter length, which falls above the knee. Full-length coats look good on most men while three-quarter length may be best for taller men; three-quarter length coats can make shorter men look even shorter.

Topcoats are available in a variety of fabrics but most commonly are manufactured in cashmere or wool. A cashmere topcoat is a luxurious option that can be perfectly tailored to your body type and is especially appropriate for formal events. A wool topcoat can be worn for day-to-day events like going to the office or out for a nice dinner.

When coordinating your topcoat with your outfit, remember two rules: a light-colored topcoat in camel or tan can be matched with a brown, navy or olive suit. A darker topcoat, such as navy, charcoal or black, goes well with charcoal, black or gray suits, and tuxedos.

Leather jackets & Duffle Coats

Of course, not every event you attend this winter season will be formal enough to require a topcoat. Leather jackets for men are a perfect option for more casual events. Bomber and aviator jackets are the most popular styles of leather jackets. These coats for men are noted for their vintage-1950s inspired look and elastic rib knit waist and cuffs. You can also find leather jackets for men without the rib knit waist and cuffs for a more streamlined look.

When choosing your leather jacket, you have room for flexibility when it comes to color and shade. No matter the color of your pants, you can easily wear a dark- or light-colored leather jacket for a sophisticated look.

And, if warmth and comfort are your ultimate goals, a duffle coat will protect you from the elements while keeping you stylish. A duffel coat is a three-length coat made often with wool, a front zipper and toggle buttons, a detachable hood and a specially made liner. This men’s coat can be worn with casual slacks or dress pants.


When it comes to men’s coats, fashion tends to lean toward classic and traditional, and a raincoat embodies these two characteristics. A raincoat can be worn on rainy days or on warmer winter days when a leather coat or topcoat are too heavy. These coats for men are available with many options, including full or three-quarter length, double-breasted or single-collar, waist tie, leather collars and a variety of color selections. Raincoats are generally made with cotton or a tri-blend fabric that is water-repellant to protect your business dress attire.

Now that you know your winter outerwear options, browse our full selection of coats for men to find the attire you need for any event or weather element. At JoS. A. Bank, we pride ourselves on being a sophisticated men’s clothier that can provide you with the business dress and business casual attire you need for any occasion. Shop online or visit a location near you to meet with a knowledgeable sales associate.

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