Golf Clothes: Tips on Men’s Golf Shirts & Other Golf Wear from JoS. A. Bank
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Golf Wear: Get Expert Advice on Choosing Golf Clothes

Getting dressed for a round of golf can be difficult if you’re new to the sport and even more difficult if you’re trying to impress your boss or biggest client. Looking the part is half the battle, so be sure you select the right golf clothes. A good first step is to check with the country club or course to see if they have specific requirements, as many do. If their rules are flexible, review the following golf wear guidelines before you hit the links.

Men’s golf shirts

Golf course etiquette usually dictates a collared shirt like a knit polo or men’s sportshirt. Since you’ll usually be playing in warm and sunny conditions, invest in moisture-wicking shirts like our Stays Cool men’s polo shirts.

Unless you’re Chi Chi Rodriguez or another pro player known for your eccentric style, choose muted colors. You don’t want to draw undue attention on a golf course, which tends to have a reserved atmosphere. Earth tones and shades of white are most comfortable in the sun. Overall, choose men’s golf shirts that fit slightly looser than you’d normally wear. You want them to move easily when you swing without coming untucked.

Golf trousers

For a traditional look wear khakis or khaki-colored men’s casual pants. You can choose a pleated or plain front, but go with no cuffs. Cuffs are a haven for dirt and every golfer’s enemy: sand from the sand traps. You should definitely avoid denim, knickers and crazy plaid patterns.

Golf outerwear

If you plan to play in the rain, have a light, waterproof jacket at the ready. You can also wear sweater vests or golf sweaters if playing in cool weather. The only key to choosing the right outerwear is to not wear your topcoat, old varsity jacket or a chunky winter coat. You outerwear should coordinate with the rest of your golf clothing.

Gloves and golf hats

Some golfers wear a glove, but this is purely a matter of preference. If you play frequently, you may find the glove helps prevent blisters and keeps the club from slipping out of your hand. If you’re right-handed, wear the glove on your left and vice versa.

If you’re golfing with friends, a baseball cap will serve you well to keep the sun out of your eyes. But, be sure it doesn’t have anything questionable written on it. You may also choose a traditional straw hat in the style of many on the PGA tour. This hat is more appropriate when you’re playing a formal round of golf with your boss, clients or colleagues.

Golf shoes

You need traditional golf shoes with soft spikes; very few courses still allow metal spikes. The spikes are designed to give you traction and aerate the course while limiting damage to it. You aren’t allowed to wear sneakers, boat shoes or the dress shoes you arrived in.

With these tips in mind, it’s time to pick out men’s golf clothing that will help you look like a pro even if you can’t yet golf like one. The experts at JoS. A. Bank can show you our exclusive David Leadbetter line of golf apparel, designed by the professional golf instructor himself.

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