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5 Travel Tips For Men

Traveling can be difficult. Layovers, postponed flights, and baggage claim mishaps create problems on almost every trip. A well dressed gentleman has even more to consider when traveling, as numerous bags may be required. However, some planning and the right luggage will help ensure a smooth journey. For the gentleman on-the-go we've listed five tips to help you travel.

Writing It Down

A few minutes of preparation will go a long way. Making a list of all the items necessary for your trip will help you organize your thoughts and avoid clutter. Often forgotten are small toiletry items. A Hanging Toiletry Kit helps you organize these items and is small enough to be packed into another suitcase. Create a checklist and you can save time, space and money.

Know The Carry-on Rules

Airlines have different standards for the permitted size of carry-on luggage. Check with your airline to determine their respective regulations. One constant is the 40 lbs weight limit for carry-on luggage. Our 21” Rolling Suiter only weights 9.5 pounds and is TSA approved to use in overhead compartments. This allows you to stow away your luggage quickly and efficiently. A quality your fellow travelers will admire. For the lighter traveler, our Rolling Briefcase features an inset removable laptop case and folds flat for ease through airport check points.


Traveling involves a lot of forms, passes and other documents. Our Travel Organizer keeps passports, airline tickets, credit cards and other travel essentials handy in one place. Store it in one of our Suiters before you place it in the overhead compartment for optimal efficiency.

Suited For Travel

Many gentlemen will need their suit(s) ready to wear when they arrive at their destination. For these occasions we recommend our Rolling Garment Bag. Store all your apparel in this large, yet lightweight piece of luggage. If you are traveling light, but still wish to pack a suit, a smaller item such as our Suiter Travel Bag will help you keep your clothes presentable during the trip.

Men Of The World

International travelers know that organization is the key to surviving long trips. Traveler checks, credit cards and different forms of currency are a lot to juggle. The Leather Checkbook Organizer stylishly maintains all your essentials and is small enough to replace a traditional wallet when traveling.

Looking for more ways to simplify travel? Be sure to review our new Traveler Luggage Collection. All items feature a lightweight design, durable ballistic material and a 5-year limited warranty.

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