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How to Properly Eat While Wearing a Suit

Jos. A. Bank | How to Properly Eat While Wearing a Suit

From weddings to galas, many events that call for a formal dress code also include great food. When all is said and done, digging out your suit for the night is a small price to pay to get your fill of a top-shelf spread.

Well-tailored suits feel great and look even better, but they can be restricting when it comes to eating. Glancing over the menu can bring a wave of excitement and anxiety as you strategize about how to avoid spilling carbonara sauce all over your jacket or accidentally dipping your tie in the lobster bisque.

Once you've picked the perfect outfit and you and your better half match perfectly, only one question remains: will your suit remain stain-free?

It is possible, relax and grab another bruschetta. There are some surefire ways to make sure you look great and stay clean for the duration of the night.

Tuck or toss the tie. If your outfit calls for a bowtie then you're off the hook. However, if you plan to wear a necktie, anything that misses your mouth could be caught by the beautifully tied silk hanging from your collar. To avoid redecorating your tie, you have two options. You can either tuck it into your shirt in between your fourth and fifth buttons, right at your chest. Or, if you're overly cautious, you can sling your tie over either shoulder to keep it out of the danger zone.

Rolling your sleeves. Although it is not required, it is acceptable to properly roll up your sleeves to prevent you from having to make an impromptu visit to the cleaners. One or two rolls will suffice and will keep your cuffs out of harm's way.

No jacket necessary. Once the cocktail hour is over and you're finished mingling, it's acceptable to take off your jacket and drape it over the back of your chair before you sit down. This will give you a bit more freedom to move and reduce the risk of you ending up with a souvenir on your lapel.

All is not lost. If you're a notoriously messy eater and are worried that none of these tried-and-true tips will keep your clothes clean, there is a solution: the traveler suit. The Traveler Suit Collection from JoS. A. Bank is wrinkle, water, and stain resistant and perfect for those who have a tendency to wear their food.

Lap Napkin. Finally, keep your pants spotless by placing your napkin in your lap; this is proper etiquette no matter what you're wearing. And remember, the salad fork is the small one, located farthest from the plate. Enjoy!

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