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How to Dress Up Your Jeans

Jos. A. Bank | How to Dress Up Your Jeans

Historically, jeans have been viewed as either rugged or casual wear, something that the working man normally wears for its strength and durability, or something that is worn when relaxing at home. Nowadays, jeans can be worn to fit a variety of occasions, ranging from a semi-formal event to a casual day with friends.

There are some simple yet highly effective ways to enjoy the comfort of your favorite pair of denim pants while still keeping it classy.

Type of jeans – It all starts with the type of jeans that you're wearing. Long gone are the days of jeans with intentional rips in the knees and thighs, or jeans that don't fit properly. Take care to buy more than one pair that not only fit in the width of the waist and the legs, but are also the right length. A good pair of jeans should fall right above your shoes when you're standing.

How you wear them – Your jeans should fit comfortably on your waist.You may opt for a slimmer fit, but you should be able to move freely. If your pants seem as if they are "painted on" and render you immobile, reconsider your sizing.

Feeling colorful? – Contemporary fashion trends are putting an end to blue's monopoly on jeans. While highlighter pink may not be your best choice, a conservatively colored pair of jeans can add style without sacrificing class.

Shirt – A polo or an oxford shirt tucked into your jeans will upgrade the formality of your outfit. Whether you opt for solid or patterned, choose a shirt color that complements the hue of your jeans. Leave the shirt's top button open for a slightly more relaxed, casual look.

Outerwear & Accessories – Adding a vest or a blazer will take your outfit to the next level. A white shirt and a black blazer paired with traditional blue jeans is a less-adventurous yet tasteful combination.

While not necessary, the addition of a vest and/or a tie is a clever way to dress up your jeans. As with the shirt and the blazer, be careful not to overdo it and make sure that your colors balance one another. Too many layers, patterns, and colors can appear busy.

Shoes – Finish off your classy head-to-toe look with a nice pair of tan, black, or gray loafers, dress shoes, or the en vogue "formal" sneakers.

Now that you've effectively transformed your jeans, it's time to hit the town. Don't spend too much time admiring your handy work in the mirror - your date is waiting!

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