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The Right Shoes for Seersucker Suits

Jos. A. Bank | The Right Shoes for Seersucker Suits

Now that summer is officially upon us, it's time to break out your seersucker suit.

Seersucker is a thin, puckered, cotton, linen, or rayon fabric that is used to make clothing for the spring and summer. It is usually striped or checkered and woven in a way that the threads bunch together, giving the fabric a wrinkled look. The weaving also allows seersucker clothing to be looser fitting, which is why the fabric is such a popular choice for the warmer months. The most popular colors are white and blue, but seersucker is produced in a variety of colors. It is also easy to maintain since it doesn't require pressing.

However, we're confident you aren't concerned with what seersucker is - you want to know how to wear a seersucker suit.

As gentlemen we have to be wary of how we wear our seersucker because the fabric is colloquially accompanied by a sense of irony. As Damon Runyon stated, wearing seersucker caused "much confusion among his friends" as they couldn't decide if he was "broke or setting a new vogue."

Once you've mastered the art of fashionably wearing a seersucker suit with sincerity, the right pair of shoes is the last piece of the puzzle.

A seersucker suit is less formal than say, a tuxedo; therefore your choice of shoe should hew closely to this level of formality. The right pair of shoes can either lend a tad more class to your ensemble or give you a more relaxed summer look.

Traditionally you want to opt for something with a more rounded toe. Fortunately, seersucker is a relatively versatile material and looks tasteful with shoes of nearly any color. However, for an outdoor wedding a pair of white or blue bucks is the perfect shoe. If you want to be a bit more understated you can also wear brown or black oxford shoes.

Although seersucker is casual, stay away from sandals, boat shoes, and Birkenstocks. There is a fine line between looking relaxed and looking sloppy. Improper footwear can move the needle in the wrong direction.

So to ensure that your ensemble remains sophisticated, we recommend you stick with bucks or oxfords and enjoy looking good from head to toe this summer!

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