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How to Perfectly Match Your Better Half

Jos. A. Bank | How to Perfectly Match Your Better Half

The French novelist, Alphonse Karr, once wrote, "Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses." He makes a valid point. When we head out to events with our significant others, we should be ever-thankful that we have the opportunity to be accompanied by such beautiful roses.

The majority of us are probably happy to let our better halves take the lead when it comes to coordinating our suits with their attire for particular events because, well, we're not that great at it.

These days there aren't that many events where coordinated attire is required. Nevertheless, there are a few important things to consider for such occasions. Though you probably shouldn't wear exactly the same thing (unless you think you can pull off a ball gown), there are more subtle ways to perfectly complement your rose.

Color coordination - The more formal the event the more important color coordination is. If you are headed to a casual get-together with friends or an outdoor event, then it isn't necessary to take the time to color coordinate. However, if you are headed to an upscale cocktail party, or a more formal outing, say prom or a gala, it is important that the prominent colors of your attire not only go well together, but also complement what your date is wearing. If you don't want to incorporate exactly the same colors, be sure to find complementary shades. For example, if she opts for a purple dress, a subtle orange tie would be a perfect match.

Pick the right pattern - Take into account the pattern of your date's outfit and plan yours accordingly. Much like colors, the patterns that you wear have to match well together, and also accompany what your other half is wearing. If she opts for vertical stripes then a plaid shirt would be a stylish choice.

Match the formality - It is important that you abide by the dress code of the event to achieve the same level of formality as your date. Many events will make some sort of attire recommendation which will act as a guide as you select your wardrobe.

Although most of us may forever be the thorn, there are still some contemporary and fashionable ways to ensure that we match our rose and look our absolute best.

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