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How Important Are Your Undergarments?

Jos. A. Bank | How Important Are Your Undergarments?

As men, when we get dressed, we are usually focused on what the eye can see. Do these jeans go well with this sweater? Is my tie crooked? Does this shirt make my biceps look good? What we pay less attention to, but what can be equally vital, is what we have on underneath.

While your undergarments don't afford you an avenue to express yourself stylistically, they can be the difference between a fashionable outfit, and the "before" picture in a deodorant ad.

The decision to wear clothes under your clothes comes down to an understanding of your personal style, the mandatory dress-code of wherever you are going, and the weather.

1. Undershirts: Undershirts aren't always necessary, but can come in handy depending on the occasion, and the look that you're trying to achieve. If you're going for a casual look, and want to leave your top two buttons unbuttoned, then an undershirt will undermine your subtle show of skin. However, if you have a tendency to perspire, or you know you're headed into a nerve-racking situation, put on that white cotton t-shirt and button one more button.That awkward conversation with your girlfriend's father will be slightly more comfortable if you haven't sweat through your shirt.

2. Socks: Depending on the outfit, socks may or may not be required. For all formal outfits, socks are a must. As we've discussed earlier,socks should either incorporate or compliment other colors you have on, or simply be black. If you're feeling trendier, and are headed to a more casual event, a cuffed pair of jeans can be paired with an Oxford-style shoe to achieve a hip, but classy look. If you are looking for a smart summer style that you can pull off without socks, consider a casual, thin-material suit coupled with a pair of loafers without laces.

JoS A. Bank Expert Advice: Be careful when going sockless in the warmer months. Though your ensemble might be eye-catching, without any material to absorb sweat and odor, you may soon find yourself not only uncomfortable, but forced to sit near an open window.

3. Underwear: It doesn’t matter the pattern or the material. From cartoon characters to plain boxers or briefs, there is only one simple rule of underwear: Wear them. Always.

Taking into account the occasion, the weather, and how adventurous you may be, the addition of a few invisible, seemingly inconsequential, pieces of clothing can help make sure there aren't any surprising and unwelcome additions to your attire.

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