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Office Umbrella Etiquette

Jos. A. Bank | Office Umbrella Etiquette

Rainy season is upon us. Every morning we hope Mother Nature is feeling generous and grants us 75 and sunny with zero chance of rain. Alas, some days we have to contend with gusty winds and rain, and sometimes the wet weather sneaks up on us. A day that begins warm and sunny can turn gloomy and wet in an instant. A nice raincoat will go a long way toward keeping you dry, but an umbrella is an indispensable spring accessory that we always seem to have when we don't need it and inevitably goes missing the moment the deluge begins. However, when you do remember to carry it, here are some not often discussed etiquette guidelines to abide by:

Open Carefully - When you are leaving the office, be sure to take note of your surroundings before launching your umbrella open. There is also no need to open your umbrella before you're close to stepping outside. Aside from unsettling some of your more superstitious coworkers, you don't want to make others scatter to avoid you in a narrow corridor.

Is it necessary? - Unless you're the Wicked Witch of the West, a little water won't kill you. If it's lightly drizzling or misting there's no need to pop open your umbrella.

Shut it down - Don't be the person who waits until they get into the lobby of their office building to finally close their umbrella. Once you're under an awning or nearing the entrance to your building is the proper time to close it up.

Shake, shake, shake - Before you close your umbrella, make sure all the excess water is shaken off so you don't spray everyone near you. This will also keep you from dripping on the floor once you're inside the building.

Responsible Storage - Many offices stock wet umbrella bags or a place to store your umbrella after you arrive. Take advantage of these to avoid slippery entryways and keep water from dripping all over your files.

Mind your surroundings - As you're walking around outside with your umbrella up be careful not to run into those around you and give a wide berth to those unfortunate souls walking without cover. Don't add insult to injury to poking them in the eye.

Like a good neighbor - Sharing is caring. If one of your coworkers is making a trip out into the elements and doesn't have an umbrella, let them borrow yours. If you're both heading in the same direction, let them walk underneath yours.

Be sure to use your umbrella responsibly this spring and look forward to all the May flowers coming our way!

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