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Polo Shirt Purchase Guide

Jos. A. Bank | Polo Shirt Purchase Guide

As the days get longer and temperatures start to rise, it's time to prepare your summer wardrobe. The polo shirt is one of the best articles of clothing for looking stylish, classy, and comfortable in the summer heat.

By definition, a polo shirt (also commonly referred to as a golf shirt or tennis shirt), is a shirt with a collar, 2-3 buttons, and an optional breast pocket. Though they are typically short-sleeved and made of knitted cloth, there are also long-sleeved varieties and they can be made of silk and occasionally wool or synthetic fibers.

A polo shirt should fit your body much like a regular dress shirt. Some guys like the sleeves to fit tightly around their arms to show off their musculature, while others prefer to give their biceps and triceps a bit of breathing space.

Polo shirts can be tucked in or left untucked, in which case the shirt should rest approximately 3 inches below your waist - enough to cover your belt. It is customary to button only the bottom buttons, though it is not required. Recent fashion trends have young men buttoning all the available buttons, leaving ample space (about 1 finger width) between the neck and the collar.

Polos are versatile shirts that can be paired with any type of pants or shorts. Depending on the dress code, you can tuck your polo into a pair of slacks for a more formal look, or pair an untucked colored polo shirt with a pair of khaki shorts and boat shoes for a comfortable yet stylish outfit.

Now that spring has sprung, break out the polo shirts to stay comfortable and look sharp!

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