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Choose the Right Pattern for Your Body

Jos. A. Bank | Choose the Right Pattern for Your Body

We men come in all shapes and sizes. While some of us endeavor to be a bit thinner, some a bit bulkier, and some even wish they were a little bit taller, it's important that our clothing be as diverse as we are.

No matter what your body type, there are styles and patterns of clothing that will perfectly accommodate your shape. We've talked long and hard about how a suit should fit and what type of cut you should get, but how much can the pattern of your clothing influence your silhouette?

The answer: more than you think.

The pattern of your clothing dictates which parts of your body catch the eye and can draw attention to areas you would like to show off, or away from places you'd rather hide.

Stripes - For guys on the shorter or stockier sides, vertical striped shirts can be a great way to make you appear taller and leaner. However, for guys who are already tall and thin, beware that stripes may cause you to look unnaturally gangly.

Horizontal stripes, on the other hand, will make you look wider, and make your shoulders look broader than they actually are. They can give the appearance of a larger than actual frame, and could be useful in adding a bit of "bulk" to more slender body types.

Decorative Patterns - Patterns don't have as much to do with body type as they do visual appeal. Be careful not to go overboard with the amount of print involved in any given outfit. Ensembles that are too noisy and difficult on the eye draw attention away from you and are unflattering, no matter what your measurements are. If you carry your weight low, consider wearing a patterned shirt with a solid color pair of pants to draw attention to your top half. Conversely, if you're top-heavy, wear solid-colored top with more eye-catching slacks.

Layers - Layering certain items of clothing can also help create balance for your body shape. For heavier-set men, a lightweight sweater or jacket can help add length to an outfit.

No matter what shape or size you may be, the patterns of your clothing combined with a the right size and style can help you accentuate you're parts that you would like to be noticed, and draw the eyes away from those places you're still working on.

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