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Weird Weather Must-Haves

Jos. A. Bank | Weird Weather Must-Haves

Winter to spring or summer to fall, between seasons the weather can be hard to predict and even harder to dress for. Mother Nature can be fickle at times, and is liable to follow up a 75 degree sunny spring Monday with a dreary 50 degree rainy Tuesday and Wednesday.

Whatever the weather has planned, there are certain pieces you should keep at the ready for those unpredictable days. Even though nothing sounds better than lounging in the sun in a short sleeve sport shirt and casual pants, sometimes the forecast has other plans.

Casual coat - Though it is unlikely you will need your winter coat for the next couple of months, having a light jacket accessible will certainly come in handy when the sun goes down. Less formal and lighter than a topcoat, this jacket will keep you comfortably warm on a cool spring evening.

Scarf - A simple and stylish way to add a thin layer of warmth to your outfit, a cashmere scarf is an easy way to stay warm without overheating.

Gloves - Even though the days may be getting warmer the early mornings and late nights still carry a chill that can be downright uncomfortable. A pair of gloves to accompany you on your morning commute or to the outdoor patio with colleagues for happy hour after work can be a welcome addition to an ensemble.

Light Sweater - No matter what style you prefer (half-zip, v-neck, cardigan, vest), a light cotton sweater is a great item to have at the ready to ensure you are comfortable on those random chilly days. Layer your sweater over a casual dress shirt, allowing your collar and sleeves to show for a relaxed but fashionable outfit.

Raincoat - There are few worse feelings than arriving at work on a clear morning, only to find it down pouring by lunchtime and realizing that your raincoat is buried in your closet. Keep your raincoat handy especially through the acknowledged rainy months, or consider purchasing a lighter version if the one you have is a bit too heavy for the spring and summer showers.

Hot, cold, rainy, or windy; no matter what the seasons have in store, make sure you’ve got the proper wardrobe at hand to be comfortable and look good!

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