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Look Stylish This St. Patrick's Day

Jos. A. Bank | Look Stylish This St. Patrick's Day

For some, St. Patrick's Day is marked on the calendar with a shamrock. It's a day to get decked-out in green in celebration of Irish heritage, (even if you don't have any), and enjoy a few pints with your friends.

For us gentlemen, dressing up as a leprechaun and heading to the local pub may not be acceptable anymore, but never fear! As the luck of the Irish would have it, there are a few ways to look sophisticated while still abiding by St. Patrick's unwritten rules.

Disclaimer: The brightness of your green is directly correlated to the amount of people you will have staring at you. To draw less attention elect for a shade closer to olive.

4-Leaf Clover: If you want to go all out this St. Patrick's Day, pick out a green blazer or a nice pair of casual khaki pants in green. When wearing the blazer, pair it with jeans, or tan or black pants, and either a white or black oxford shirt. Wear your green pants with either a white or black shirt, and finish them off with a pair of brown shoes.

If you decide to go for both, be certain that your greens match.

3-Leaf Clover: A green shirt is a great way to show holiday spirit, but can always be covered up by a jacket if you later decide it's a bit too loud. Your green shirt will match well with black or tan pants, or a nice pair of jeans. Extra points if you finish it off with a green pair o' shoes.

2-Leaf Clover: If you're the type who doesn't like to stand out, but still wants to spread some holiday cheer, then incorporating green into your outfit via accessories is always a viable option. Pick out a green tie, a green scarf, or a green pair of socks that you can show off on your own terms.

Barely Green, One-Leaf Clover: What do you do if your closet is nearly devoid of green, but you don't want to get pinched? There's one way to squeak by on St. Patrick's Day, and that's to hide your green. Technically if you have on green undergarments, you're in compliance with the rules, though many will simply have to take your word for it. When you don't want to make a statement, but still want to participate, a pair of green boxers or a green t-shirt will keep you in the clear.

Whether you go all out on St. Patrick's Day, or tend to be a bit more understated, there are stylish ways to integrate green into your outfit. Dress sharply enough to avoid getting pinched, and who knows, maybe you'll even get kissed instead.

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