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What Your Tie Says About Your Style

Jos. A. Bank | What Your Tie Says About Your Style

There's an old adage that tells us "actions speak louder than words." But what about how you look while performing those actions? How you dress speaks volumes about who you are, and though we're taught to "never judge a book by its cover," sometimes we can't help ourselves.

There will be many events in your lifetime where a tie is a necessary addition to an outfit, but with so many styles and types to choose from, how do you know if your tie is sending the right message?

We're so glad you asked.

Type – Ali or Frazier? Soup or salad? Bow tie or neck tie? Life is full of tough decisions. Take the event into account when choosing your type of tie. Typically, though not exclusively, "black tie" events call for a bow tie, whereas business scenarios are often more geared toward neck ties. Your bow tie channels your inner secret agent, telling the other guests you're smooth, but also classy, while a neck tie gives a more stylishly conservative message.

Style Note: Don't experiment with a bow tie if you aren't confident you can tie it properly. The bunny ears method doesn't quite cut it.

Color – Ties are a sophisticated way to liven up an outfit, and an eye-catching way to make a statement. There's nothing wrong with staying true to old-school style, pairing a muted colored tie with a white shirt. If you want to update your ensemble though, pair a pink tie with a light blue dress shirt and give a charcoal suit a fashionable, modern spin.

Pattern – There are a multitude of ways to express yourself while still meeting the required dress code of a particular occasion. Pair a patterned tie with a striped shirt, or even branch out to ties with embroidered designs, a chic way to put your personality on display.

Knot – How you tie your necktie is a window into your level of sophistication. The Four-In-Hand knot is a simple, yet popular choice, whereas the Windsor is more regal, offering unparalleled symmetry. If you're dexterous and looking to turn some heads, an Eldredge knot is sure to grab the attention of your company, and likely prompt interested observers to ask for a tutorial.

How you wear it – There's a thin line between overly formal and sloppily casual, and how you wear your tie can firmly put you one side or the other. If you're walking into a business meeting be sure you're buttoned-up the second you step through the door. However, if you're meeting someone socially after hours, loosen your tie and undo your top button, for a look that says, "Even when I'm relaxed, I can look good."

By taking the occasion and your personal style into account, something as simple as wearing a tie can bring variety to your wardrobe, and help you to say a mouthful - without uttering a single word.

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