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Leather Jackets Aren't Just for Bikers

Jos. A. Bank | Leather Jackets Aren't Just for Bikers

It's important as modern gentleman that we are versatile in our dress. In the past, leather jackets have been considered as something worn by "bad" boys, or those who are rebels in some way. However, nowadays there are multiple ways to fashionably incorporate leather into our wardrobes without looking like Danny Zucko. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Now that the rebel image has been shed, your leather jacket can lend itself to a refined, classy look, but achieving this look is contingent on two main factors: the type of leather jacket you choose, and the complementary accessories.

1. The Bomber is a classic style leather jacket with a front zipper, either two breast pockets or two side pockets, and typically a rib-knit collar, cuff, and hem. It traditionally comes in black, brown, tan, or grey, and can be purchased with or without a hood.

How to wear it: Pair your bomber jacket with dark jeans, a scarf, and leather gloves. A brown bomber is a trendy alternative to a pea coat, whereas a black bomber is a bit more edgy, yet still stylishly appropriate.

2. The Biker has evolved over the years, but its roots remain in motorcycle culture. With the same four color choices as the bomber, the biker is a slimmer-fitting jacket with zipper pockets, and close-fitting collars and cuffs. Whereas the bomber was crafted for warmth, the biker was designed for the need to be streamlined on a fast moving bike.

How to wear it: The biker is less likely to keep you warm on a cold winter's day. Instead, save this jacket for the early fall, before the temperatures start to plummet. Wear it unzipped over a v-neck t-shirt or sweater, and a pair of casual jeans.

3. The Flying Jacket is regarded as the toughest of the three, with imperial origins and an association with adventure. The flying jacket can be bought with or without a sheepskin collar for a ruggedly cutting-edge look.

How to wear it: The heavy-duty sheepskin lining of your flying jacket is sure to keep you warm on the coldest of days, with the help of leather gloves and a wool scarf.

Leather jackets have become more of a fixture in contemporary culture. Men are finding more ways to use them to fit their personal styles. Give it a try. Your Sandy might just be impressed.

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