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Tips to Ensure you Shine for your Special Valentine

Jos. A. Bank | Tips to Ensure you Shine for your Special Valentine

Valentine's Day comes with certain staples. You've picked out the heart-shaped box of chocolates. You've sent the bouquet to her office. You may have even created a candle-lit rose petal trail to the bed. All that's left to do is treat your lucky lady to dinner, and you'll have 364 days to try and figure out how to out-do yourself next year.

Unfortunately gentlemen, Valentine's Day isn't a "one size fits all" occasion. While some women enjoy being wined and dined, others may prefer something a bit more low-key: a homemade meal, dinner and a movie, or something creative and spontaneous.

You never really know if you're going to get all the details right, but you can be sure by the end of this guide, no matter which route you choose, you'll look good doing it.

1. To the nines.

If you're headed to an upscale restaurant it's your job to look like you belong. Impress your date in an eye-catching trim fit suit. Depending on how fancy your restaurant of choice is, you can decide whether or not a tie is necessary, or if a loosened top button will do the trick. If you do opt for a tie, don't be afraid to add a splash of color to your ensemble.

2. A bit more casual.

If you still plan on hitting the town, but aren't quite ready for the 5-star treatment, search your wardrobe for something a bit more functional. If your Valentine wants to do dinner and a movie, or perhaps an outdoor picnic for you warmer-climate folks, pair khakis with a casual blazer, enough to keep you warm and still looking clean.

3. A night in?

If you really want to wow this Valentine's Day, and you're confident you have the skills to pull it off, skip the crowds and put on the chef's hat yourself. Underneath the "kiss the cook" apron, go with nice jeans, and couple them with a patterned oxford shirt underneath a solid-colored sweater. Roll the cuffs of your shirt over top of your sweater sleeves, and leave your top button loose. Hopefully your cooking stacks up to your style!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner it's imperative that you not only act that part, but look the part as well. We may forever be thorns among roses, but it's our job to try our best to look almost as good as our better halves. Hey, if you follow these tips closely, you might just be lucky enough to skip dinner all together.

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