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Versatile Wardrobe Pieces: Sweaters

Jos. A. Bank | Versatile Wardrobe Pieces: Sweaters

During cool-weather months, it's easy to fall into a fashion rut of functional and traditional dark-colored pieces, cloaked in a long winter coat. Incorporating sweaters into your outfit is a great way to add color and keep warm. Follow these tips to look great when wearing sweaters, either on their own or as a part of a layered look.


Stylish enough to be worn as a stand-alone item for a more casual look, but light enough to be worn as a layering item as a part of a more formal outfit, a fine-gauge crewneck or v-neck pullover sweater is one of the most versatile pieces a man can have in his wardrobe.

When wearing a crewneck or a v-neck sweater by itself, be sure to wear a high-quality white crewneck cotton shirt with a nicely finished collar. Cheap undershirts that have coarsely finished necklines compromise the look if they bunch or don't lay flat. This is particularly noticeable with v-neck sweaters. If your undershirt is showing, it becomes a part of your outfit and should match the quality of your other attire.

Either style of sweater can be worn over a sportshirt, but there are some considerations to keep in mind. When wearing a sportshirt under a pullover, choose a fitted sportshirt. The extra material from a loose dress shirt will show through a fine gauge sweater and ultimately result in a sloppy, bunched look. With crewnecks especially, be sure to tuck your shirt collars into the neck of the sweater to prevent them from flaring out in a way that is all too reminiscent of 70s fashion.

Steer clear of ties when wearing a crewneck sweater. The knot of a tie tends to make the otherwise-clean neckline of a crewneck appear lumpy and disheveled. V-neck sweaters afford you a little more leeway in this regard. Open collars have more room to lie flat, and the "v" of the neckline drops below the knot of the tie.

Both crewneck and v-neck pullovers can be worn with or without a sportshirt, underneath a blazer or sportscoat. Bright or bold-colored sweaters are a great way to liven up an otherwise-tired ensemble of a sports coat and sportshirt.

Zip-Up Sweaters

While not quite as versatile as their pullover cousins, zip-up sweaters are a perfect alternative for less formal occasions and business casual environments. Often, zip-up sweaters are made of a heavier yarn, which lends to a slightly more casual look that can still look great with a sportshirt and slacks, but probably not under a sports coat or blazer.

Much like pullover-style sweaters, a zip-up sweater can be worn with a sportshirt or simply a cotton crew.. Pair this sweater with a quality crew neck / cotton shirt with a nice collar that stays inside the collar of the sweater

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