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Post Labor Day Fashion Guidelines

Jos. A. Bank | Post Labor Day Fashion Guidelines

"Never wear white after Labor Day," is one of the oldest adages in the fashion world-it's also out dated and not very helpful when choosing what to wear in the late summer and early fall. The history of the saying is rooted in the days-gone-by tradition of summerhouses and no air conditioning; wearing white was part of keeping cool and packing away summer whites was a sign of re-entering the real world. While the rule is largely irrelevant, the factors that lead to it aren't. Follow these fashion tips to navigate the shift from warmer to cooler weather.

A Transitional Month

September is a month of transitions: a new school year, a new football season, and the first signs of autumn. But, turning the page on the calendar doesn't always signal the end of warm weather. In many parts of the country, summer weather continues well into October. September is also the month when leaves begin to change and human breath first becomes visible in the crisp morning air.

Just as the change in weather isn't a linear process, the change in what you wear doesn't need to be either. September is still a casual month, though not as casual as July and August. Shift from shorts and short sleeve shirts to jeans or chinos and lightweight button up sport shirts.

Layer for the Day

Layering is a great way to be prepared for diverse weather in late summer, as well as an opportunity to mix and match pieces of your wardrobe that look great throughout the day. A selection of polos, versatile button up shirts and lightweight sweaters, paired with a casual jacket and a sportcoat, give you a variety of outfit options that look good and keep you comfortable throughout the day.

When layering, choosing a fitted shirt is the preferable option. Loose shirts can bunch up under a sweater, creating a slightly disheveled look. Try tailored fit or slim fit shirts under a fine-gauge sweater for a sleek and clean layered look.

Consider the Occasion

While it's fine to wear white or bright colors to a post-Labor Day event, clothing that's generally considered summer attire may not be appropriate for some September events. Consider the nature of the event when deciding what to wear to a late summer or early fall event. At a more casual event, summer attire is probably acceptable, if weather permits. Formal events offer less latitude, so unless it's a late summer beach wedding stick to convention and err on the side of formality.

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