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What to Wear on the Golf Course

Jos. A. Bank | What to Wear on the Golf Course

Sometimes, dressing for a game of golf is more difficult than a chip-in. On the one hand you need your golf apparel to be comfortable and provide enough unrestricted movement so you can golf your best game. On the other hand you want to look stylish on the links, maybe even stand out, but not in a John Daly kind of way. Add golf course codes and etiquette to the mix and you may experience an identity crisis standing in front of your clothes closet.

Not to worry, however, because JoS. A. Bank has partnered with world-renowned golf instructor David Leadbetter to bring you a collection of tasteful and stylish golf attire. Here are some tips and guidelines you can follow for outfitting yourself in just the right golf attire.

Pants and Shorts

Fit: Wear golf pants with a hem that touches the tops of your shoes, and with a break just above your ankle. If your pants bunch up excessively, they're too long; if there is no break, they're probably too short.

Golf shorts ought to end just above the knee-below the knee might obstruct your view of the golf ball, and too far above the knee might... well... misrepresent the decade in which you're playing.

Fashion: A pair of well-fitting black or khaki golf pants is a staple in any golfer's wardrobe, but don't be afraid to venture away from the old standbys. Dare to change things up on the course with golf pants in white, bold colors, or expressive patterns, as long as they're not too splashy. You can pull off this look when you balance out the ensemble with a subtler, solid-colored shirt.


Fit: Always choose collared golf shirts with short sleeves that extend ¾ of the way to your elbow. Sleeves that hang below your elbows will hinder your swing, and with today's synthetic materials that are both breathable and stretchy, there's really no reason for baggy shirts in golf. Our collection of Leadbetter golf polos fit the bill, constructed with advanced fabrics with a comfortable, yet flattering fit.

Fashion: Stripes, solids and patterns are all acceptable looks for the golf course, but be sure to pair your shirt with your pants according to this rule of thumb: if you choose to go bold with a pair of patterned pants, opt for a solid, subtly colored shirt, and vice versa for subtle, solid-colored pants.


Fit: The typical leather belt has five notches. You'll know a belt fits properly when the prong fits comfortably through the middle notch. For a fabric belt, the tongue of the belt should extend three to five inches past the buckle—just enough to thread it through the first belt loop without too much overhang.

Fashion: While the old norm of matching your belt to your shoes has long since gone to the wayside, unless you're on tour, it's still okay to match belts to shoes. If you want to wear a white belt or choose a fabric belt that matches your shirt, that is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it can be a subtle way to change up your look and add a dash of style to outfits that are otherwise subtle in color.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to wear to your next game of golf and you'll be the talk of the links thanks to your impressive score and your nifty wares. Fore!

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