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How to Wear a Seersucker Suit This Summer

Staying cool, dry and comfortable can be a challenge during the warm summer months; especially for men who enjoy wearing suits. For decades, the seersucker has been a popular suit for men in warm climates (most notably the American South). Seersucker isn't just a weave for suits. You can find seersucker sportcoats, shirts and even men's pants. The following is a guide on how to introduce seersucker into your wardrobe this summer.

Seersucker Suits for Men

Perhaps America's most iconic summer suit, seersucker is a timeless option for summer menswear. Seersucker gets its characteristic crinkled look through a weaving process that alternates the tension in the threads. When discovered in India, silk was the original material for this weave. As its popularity grew in the United States cotton became the favored fabric.

Though not ideal for everyday business wear, seersucker suits are popular for weddings, church functions and other formal events. These suits are offered in various colors, but we would recommend starting with blue, tan or white.

This classic combination is a great starting point if you are new to wearing seersucker: light blue striped seersucker suit, white buttondown dress shirt, navy tie with white accents, brown loafers and matching belt.

Get accustomed to wearing seersucker and how the fabric will drape on your body. Experiment with different tie and shirt colors until you find a combination that suits you best.

Seersucker suits traditionally feature a relaxed fit. This helps the garment breathe to keep you cool. If you prefer a more modern look you can find seersucker in Tailored Fit.

How Men Can Use Seersucker Sportcoats and Pants

There are a few ways to wear seersucker other than a complete suit. Adding a seersucker sportcoat to your business casual look will add a touch of formality on a warm summer day.

Try this casual combination: blue Striped Seersucker Sportcoat, white Spread Collar dress shirt, a darker blue chino or khaki pants (for a more casual appearance try a blue or white sportcoat with blue denim jeans) and white or brown buck shoes with matching belt.

When wearing a seersucker jacket or sportcoat avoid going overboard with the other pieces of your outfit. The sportcoat is the dominant item and everything else should work as a complementary piece.

The jacket is not the only part of a seersucker suit than can be worn separately. Seersucker pants and shorts are perfect for hot days when you want a slightly dressier appearance. Pair blue seersucker pants with a white dress shirt or polo for a fantastic dressed down look.

If you plan to wear this summer suit be prepared to turn a few heads. You can plan for the extra attention by considering the color and fit prior to purchase. Try different combinations of complementary shirts, shoes and belts to create a classy look that feels natural. Keep these tips in mind and you will be on your way to a great seersucker summer.

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