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Casual Menswear For The Holidays

Along with the holiday season comes office holiday parties, gatherings, pageants and inexplicably large dinners. There may be a few occasions where formal wear is required, but otherwise you'll need to find a casual look that works for you. The following are a few ideas on how to dress comfortably this holiday season.

Holiday Parties and Dinners

Dressing casual for holiday gatherings can be difficult, but this is no excuse to under dress. Sportcoats and blazers offer sophistication without losing a casual touch. Start with your favorite sportshirt and casual trouser combination then add a matching sportcoat for a more sophisticated look. Our Traveler Tailored Fit Sportcoats are ideal for holiday parties given their ability to resist water and stains. Camel hair blazers are also a popular holiday option. Their soft and smooth texture creates a mature look and is available in a variety of colors.

Outdoor Gatherings

You may find yourself spending time outdoors this holiday season so you'll want to be prepared. There are a few cold weather accessories that will come in handy when you are shopping in an outdoor mall, caroling or taking a walk to see the lights. Scarves are excellent at providing warmth and if properly coordinated they can exquisitely complete your look. Leather gloves are essential if you plan on spending time in the elements, as are winter hats. Be sure to check the weather report before leaving so you know which of these accessories may be necessary.

The Season for Sweaters

Often times, a sportshirt alone is too casual, but opting for a sportcoat is too formal. Adding a comfortable sweater or cardigan easily improves your look. A v-neck cashmere sweater allows you to show off the shirt underneath and can be removed when needed. Our Joseph Full-Zip Sweaters are a versatile way to stay casual and comfortable without looking as though you were attending a board meeting.

Staying Comfortable and Presentable

No one wants to under dress for their holiday events, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Our Leadbetter Performance Golf Pants aren't just for the course. The sliding waistband will keep you comfortable without compromising your style. Our Traveler Khakis are an excellent option for casual dinners. Their resistance to stains and wrinkles will ensure you leave looking as good as you arrived.

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