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Tips For Shopping Big and Tall

In the early days of retail, men of a larger build would seek a specialty store for properly fitting apparel. It was difficult to find comfortable clothes that also portrayed the desired professional image. Thankfully, as time progressed their demands were recognized. More brands began to offer clothing suited for the larger gentleman. The following are a few tips for helping men make sense of Big and Tall.

Know Your Size

Your measurements are the blueprint for your body. Before you start searching for new clothes in earnest, determine your measurements for your chest, neck, sleeves, waist and inseam. This will lead to more efficient and pleasurable shopping experiences.

Big and/or Tall

Now that you know your measurements it is time to figure out how to dress for your proportions. Being big doesn't always make you tall and vice versa. This idea is particularly important for suits, sportcoats and blazers. If you are tall, but are of average girth, shop specifically for your length. Seek out shirts labeled "tall" and pants with "long" rises (the measurement from crotch to waist). In contrast, wider gentleman of average height should be weary of tight fitting clothes. The key to confidence is to be comfortable. Stick to solids, herringbone and vertical stripes while avoiding bright colors.

Friendly Fabrics and Features

You may be tempted to buy light and flowy fabrics, but this can make you seem larger than you are. The same goes for bulky fabrics that increase your figure. Wearing lightweight wool suits and cashmere in the winter is a great way to stay warm without adding to your size. In warmer months, focus on cotton dress shirts and sportshirts that breathe and keep you cool. Pleated trousers will give you more room and comfort when attending professional or formal engagements. On casual occasions, denim will hold your weight better than khaki and wool while reducing a bulky appearance.

For the taller gentlemen, 3-button suits and blazers were practically made for you. This style turns your longer torso into a stylish advantage that results in a fuller appearance. Also, extra long ties will help hold your outfits together. Ties should reach your trouser button and normal ties may fall short for the taller man.

Don't Skip The Alterations

The increased availability of big and tall selections does not mean you can buy "off-the-rack". Spend the extra time and money to ensure the absolute best fit. When ordering online through, you can have your pants cuffed or finished before delivery. For more precise alterations you will find a tailor on staff at many of our locations.

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