Holiday Survival Guide | Stain Removal, Party Etiquette & More Expert Advice from JoS. A. Bank
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Men’s Expert Advice on Stain Removal, Party Etiquette & More

While the holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year, there is no doubt that it is one of the most hectic times, too. Between shopping, out-of-town guests, parties and more, the holiday season can be a whirlwind of activities and responsibilities. But, with a little preparation and planning, you can enjoy the winter season and not let the holidays pass you by. Read on to learn some simple ways to make the holidays an enjoyable experience.

Carry stain removal kits

Accidents always seem to happen at the worst times. Whether you spill wine, eggnog or food on your clothing, you can be prepared with a stain removal pen that fits in your pocket. Before you begin applying the mild detergent to your clothes, be sure to dab your clothing fabric with cold water and a damp cloth to remove excess stain. Be sure to properly treat your clothing when you return home to avoid permanent staining. Also, check out our Traveler clothing line, all of these garments are stain and water resistant; clean up is extremely easy.

Buy last-minutes gifts

Are you the type who routinely waits until the last minute buying gifts? Consider a silk tie for your boss or co-workers and leave the “World’s Greatest Boss” coffee mug on the store shelf. Silk ties are a great last-minute gift for professional associates. They always fit, and if you go with a classic color and design, your gift recipient will appreciate your taste in quality. E-gift cards are ideal for extremely last minute and long distant gifts. Plus you won’t need to bother with bows and wrapping paper.

Prepare your party outfits early

No matter how casual or formal your holiday parties will be, you can always look stylish and flawless. The first step in preparation for your holiday schedule: have your outfits ready ahead of time. If you intend to wear a cashmere sweater for a casual get-together, take your garment to the dry cleaner at least a week before the party or give yourself a couple of days to hand wash the piece. If your sportcoat has a bit of wear since the last cleaning, take it to the dry cleaner for freshening up before you start your holiday party circuit. Your dress shirt or tuxedo shirt can normally be washed and dried in your machines and consider washing/ironing them before each use.

Practice proper party etiquette

Show your appreciation to your gracious host with proper holiday party etiquette. Always bring your host a gift, such as a dish to share or a bottle of wine. Mingle with other guests and introduce yourself, but stay away from heated conversation topics like political and religious views. Your host will appreciate your willingness to help serve food or clean up afterwards. And, after you’ve attended the party, follow through on your party etiquette with a thank you note to your host, and reciprocate the invitation.

Keep these simple holiday survival tips in mind when preparing for the holiday season this year. You’ll be sure to enjoy the festivities without having to worry about the stress of the season. If you’re looking to restock your holiday season wardrobe, let JoS. A. Bank help you find the perfect outfits for all of your seasonal occasions. Browse our wide selection of dress pants, shoes, suits and more online or at a JoS. A. Bank store near you.

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